Re: Creation/customization ideas Was Class Restrictions

From: Edward (
Date: 09/21/01

Well, my administration idea was to create something more complex than the
standard you pick "whatever you want and that's all you get" sequence,
Pick Gender<-->Roll Stats<-->Pick Race<-->Choose Class lets certain more
realistic things appear; not everyone in the world can be a paladin, very
few people have the strong faith and arms required to be one, and classes
based on race/stats shows this, however it is much more common to be a
warrior or thief since quite a few people can become adept with swinging a
blade or picking pockets after time. This system follows a more 2nd
Edition AD&D style of creation (which is something that seems more alive
to me). Also, this seems to be from what I've seen, one of perhaps only a
handful of MUDs(I haven't seen any other, but assume there are) that ever
took this direction in creation.

Also, this disallows certain things from happenings:
Player1: Oh yea, plain mages suck terribly, be a summoner or invoker
instead, once you get to level 30 you get hell fire.
Player2: Ok, let me delete and remake...

Since a more customizable situation would let players choose more about
their own class, and since stats restrict classes, it might not be easy
for someone to make their dream character, simply because maybe 1 in a
hundred in the world are that good (no more dozens of high level mages
raining down hell fire from the heavens).

In my experience, everyone seems to want customization and complexity in
their creation process, mine allows that but it also lets it be quick for
a newbie (take whatever stats are rolled, pick whatever race you want,
find out you can be a warrior, adventurer, or mage [or whatever], and pick
from that). I've seen around 3 vanilla MUDs that were ever successful, and
around 50 solid MUDs that offered a more unique approach at handling
creation (in my view, this explains why ROM seems more prolific than other
MUDs, just about any newbie admin can take ROM and set it up and it
already has a decent creation process in hand), my ultimate plan on a MUD
would be to take out the Circle-ness from its look and feel and make it
something different..

In the end, its just a matter of view and nothing more since we each have
our own ideas for a MUD.

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