[CODE]Pet System

From: Ramsey Stone (ramseystone@hotmail.com)
Date: 09/21/01

     Greetings, all Mail List Recipients. As many of
you know, I am working on a pure RP project. I received
and e-mail about having pets with names and short
descriptions. Although this sounds quite possible, how
to achieve such a thing is beyond my capabilities. I know
that circle comes with a pet shop code.. but I'm not too
familiar with arrays and OLC code yet. Could someone
help me? I was thinking like when someone buys a pet,
you could set a short description, like:
You buy a puppy. What does it look like:

A cuddly, fluffy puppy

>> A cuddly, fluffy puppy is standing here.

You get the idea. I hope someone
can help, and sorry about the fancy
thing, I'm using MSN Explorer Alex. I can't
turn it off.

.Ramsey Stone

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