Re: [Circle][World] Removal Of Zones

From: Zeavon Calatin (
Date: 09/27/01

On Thu, 27 Sep 2001, Ramsey Stone wrote:

>       Recently I was working on removing all of the stock
>  zones except for zones 12 and 30. I went through ALL
> the index files and removed all the other zones. I then
> removed all of the excess files. I rebooted, and the mud
> crashed. Now it won't boot back up. What did I do wrong?

Make sure that no specials are accessing the things that you removed.

Make sure that you removed the code for the boards that you removed.

Make sure that the mortal and immortal and frozen starting rooms have not
been removed.

Make sure that you have at least one of each "thing":
board (if you left the corresponding board code intact)

The reason you need at least one shop and one mobile is that the mud
attempts to index them at the start of the game. I'm not 100% sure about
needing one object, but when I wiped the world and started over many years
ago I recall needing one object as well.

Of course, the one room that you need is so that you have a place to stand
while in the mud. :)

One last thing. Your mud may have just shutdown, not crashed. Read the
syslog file to see if it gives you any errors.

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