AD: Builders/coders needed.

From: Paul Tidwell (
Date: 09/28/01

  hello. I've started a mud pretty recently. I call it the realm of the
fates, but this name may change soon. Anyways. We need builders pretty
badly, we want expirenced builders. People that are capable of making
quality zones. We also need coders, . Talk to Me(neptune), or ultima on
the mud, if interested. Both of us know basic c and are in the process
of trying to learn the code, its not exactly easy to learn by staring
but we figure thats how its going to work because there isn't a whole
lot of help on circlemud code in particular and not many people offer a
whole lot of help. Anyways. We're looking to model the mud after a
highly respected mud named ethereal 2, however with circlemud code. I
hope someone is interested.

my muds address is
port: 9090

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