Re: [CODE][BUG] Exploitable bug in do_flee/do_simple_move

From: George Greer (
Date: 09/29/01

On Tue, 11 Sep 2001, Mike Breuer wrote:

>I recently implemented a spec_proc for a "quest_stone" which glows when
>you are in a certain type of room.  To cause the glow, the proc handles
>normal movement commands and then sets the ITEM_GLOW property based on
>the stone's (or char's, if carried) current room.

Wouldn't people be happier with an "on_room_enter" event trigger?  I know
mobile aggression would prefer that anyway.  Probably then go for
"on_room_exit" to be consistent.  Maybe "on_item_get", "on_item_drop",
"on_item_give", etc. Shouldn't take up much extra RAM since it'd be stored
in the prototypes and not each object/mobile.  Calling convention would be
SPECIAL() as usual, likely.

George Greer

A late reply, but check the date and you'll understand.

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