Help with Practice Sessions

From: Mielikki (
Date: 10/02/01

Ok, I was wondering if someone could tell me what keyword to use to find
out how to remove practice sessions altogether. Here is what I want to

Basically, when you reach a level where you attain new skills/spells you
go to your guild and may practice them to the fullest extent (which in
actuality is only about 30-60% and the rest must be practiced 'in the
field' at which point you receive a message telling you that you learned
something new in that skill area). Eventually it would be a charge to
learn kind of thing but for right now I just want to remove the sessions
entirely. I realize that this has already been discussed but the one or
two I found in the archives relating to this either said that they did
not know or that it had already been discussed, search the archives.
Well, I did, using every keyword I could think of and reading over a
myriad of posts that, while they were helpful on other subjects, only
skipped over what I need to know. Any help in finding this in the HUGE
archive would be appreciated.


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