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From: Mielikki (
Date: 10/03/01

From: "Welcor" <welcor@DUNE.NET>
> ERhm... You have altered your makefile (maybe run ./configure ?).  Anyhow,
> you've deleted the lines containing the olc (and script) files from your
> makefile. This (of course) causes "undefined references" (=the compiler
> can't find the functions, since they're not included in the make).
> To fix:
> Alter your makefile (AND your and add all the dg_*.o files , as
> well as all files pertaining olc: redit.o, gen???.o, etc. in the OBJ_FILES
> list (after races.o).
> then 'rm depend' and 'make depend' and finally 'make'.

Perfect! Thank you guys, it is working now! *Cheer* I wanna grow up and
be just like yall.

Ok..kind of a design question here, there are several things that I
would like to implement, such as additional races, skills and spells for
races, etc, etc. Is there an advisable order to add certain types of
features. I notice that some features change the code a wee bit and I
fear if I go too far from stock immediately I will get lost and mess up
what I have already done.


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