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Date: 10/03/01

From: "Sammy Should Use His Whole Name Next Time" <>
> On Wed, 3 Oct 2001 21:48:54 -0500, flawed <> wrote:
> >I was going to change the max_skills and max_spells around so I would have
> >room for more expansion. I searched through the archives to get a general
> >idea on what all needs to be changed but have a few questions.
> >
> >I understand the following:
> >
> >I'll have to change the number of attacks/spells/skills and suffering in
> >spells.h
> >
> >I will also have to change the message numbers in lib/text/messages.
> >
> >Being that I'm using bpl17 Im wondering if theres anything else I should
> >be aware of doing.  Also, with using ascii pfiles would a pwipe, or player
> >converter be needed in doing this?
> Ascii pfiles (all verisons) accept an arbitrary number of
> skills/spells, so as long as you change the MAX_* variables in
> structs.h you won't have to touch the pfile routines.  You won't even
> use any additional disk space until mortal players start learning
> extra skills.

Be advised, though, that because ASCII pfiles saves learnedness as a
list of spell/skillnumbers and proficiency, you will have to convert the pfiles
to match the new scale. Ie:


Some thiefs pfile (the thief is 23% learned in backstab):

131 28
0 0

As you change the numbers in spells.h, this will be inaccurate. You
might want to make a quick converter to change your pfiles. Simply read
in the pfile, copy every line to a new file, until you hit the line
with 'Skil:'. Then step through the list, adding the correct amount
depending on your changes. Then copy the rest of the file, line by line.
Lastly, move the new file over the old one. (The procedure is quite
simple codewise. Email me off the list for more info if needed).


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