problem with acsii file

From: nwhite (
Date: 10/05/01

I check the archives for any other possible occurances, but didnt see any.
I have acsii pfiles, a new char is created everything is in the file. but
of the files are missing info..My file is missing my clas and race lines..
my co-admins are missing only their clas line, but have race. My builders
and mortals' files are fine and correct. I ran a test char of mine, had all
lines in file. after advanced to lvl 35 (co-admin) file is now missing its
I found this little problem when my co-admin would fight and cause a Syserr
missing THACO for level class. thaco levels were there and his clas wasnt
Also, if I add his clas to the file, it no longer accepts his passwd. even
if I set
file (him) passwd (pass), passwd still isnt accept :(
ANY help and knowlegde will be appreciated. My new job keeps me from
coding alot, so if someone would like to help me from that aspect, that too
will be very appreciative, since Im very behind schedule with opening
Thankies :-)
Drakona of 9000

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