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Date: 10/05/01

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From: "nwhite" <nathanmwhite@EARTHLINK.NET>
> I have acsii pfiles, a new char is created everything is in the file. but
> some
> of the files are missing info..My file is missing my clas and race lines..
> my co-admins are missing only their clas line, but have race. My builders
> and mortals' files are fine and correct. I ran a test char of mine, had all
> lines in file. after advanced to lvl 35 (co-admin) file is now missing its
> clas.

The _single_ reason for omitting those lines in the pfiles is that the values
are equal to PF_DEF_XX. Thus, if you are class 0 (Magic User), you don't have
a 'Clas: 0' line, since this is the default value. I'd think you're having the
same problem with the race values.

> I found this little problem when my co-admin would fight and cause a Syserr
> missing THACO for level class. thaco levels were there and his clas wasnt

This can be fixed by setting PF_DEF_CLASS to an illegal value. Then, after
having read all the fields in the pfile, check to see if GET_CLASS(ch) equals
PF_DEF_CLASS. If so, set it to something rational and log the error.

> Also, if I add his clas to the file, it no longer accepts his passwd. even
> if I
> set file (him) passwd (pass), passwd still isnt accept :(

A quick workaround (to be used in dire need and in coorporation with the
man himself only) - delete the 'Pass: XX' line completely. His name will be his
password. I can't tell from that bit of information where your problem is.
I can't reproduce the error. Set file passwd works for me.


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