Re: Using CYGWIN Patch command [ help please]

From: Welcor (
Date: 10/09/01

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From: "Griffin Hernandez" <griffent@SOFTCOM.NET>
> I am having problems patching Oasis into my mud. I cant get the patch
> program to work. it is installed any everything, it keeps saying maybe
> should have used a different option. when i type in patch -c > Oasiso~1.pat

1. Your redirection is invalid - you're trying to pass the results of the
   patch to a file named Oasiso~1.pat. Try
     patch -c <Oasiso~1.pat

2. have you tried other options, as the error suggests ? For example:
     patch -u <Oasiso~1.pat
     patch <Oasiso~1.pat


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