Re: Actually using Charisma

From: Zizazat Lazuras (
Date: 10/15/01

>I've been trying to make charisma do things beyond limit the number of
>charmed followers you can have.  I have a formula that seems somewhat fair:

Glad to see attemps made to 'Actually using Charisma.' :)

I have been thinking about doing this same thing, to make Charisma modify
the value of items when buying and selling.

>~10% at the most either way, for both buying and selling.  Think it's >too
>much or too little?  Perhaps I should factor in the charisma of the
>shopkeeper too...hmmm.

I would think a range of 20% in either direction would be acceptable. I am
not so good with formulas, but you should absolutly take the shopkeepers
charisma into account somehow.

>Other changes:

Another thing that I am planning to do with Chrisma is to have it affect
aggressive mobs, so that if you pass a Chrisma check an aggressive mob will
pass on you this time around...


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