Re: New dg script patches uploaded

From: Carlos Myers (
Date: 10/16/01

From: "Welcor" <>
> From: "Carlos Myers" <>
> > Kind of a dumb idea, but have you gave thought to replacing the
> > event routines in DG Scripts with DG Events 1.1?
> I have considered the option. However, the Dg events patch alters the code
a lot
> more than the dg scripts patch does

I'm not sure which DG Events patch you are referring to, but the one I've
seen makes far fewer changes to the stock server then the Race patch.  The
big changes comes in transitioning the event routines in DG Scripts over to
DG Events.  And all that ends up is replacing two files, adding two more and
changing the syntax in about a dozen places throught the DG Script files.

> and since the dg scripts don't get more
> functionality out of adding the event patch, I think the two patches
should come
> seperately. After all, not everyone adding the dg scripts wants to have
the event
> package too, and the other way around.

I defiantly think there should be a patch that ties the two together for
those who would like both DG Scripts and DG Events.  After all, there is no
point in having two event routines when one would suffice. <G>

Of course, this still does not solve the problem that is not very much
event-based code floating around.  So far, I've only been able to find five
events: regeneration, fighting, zone reset, shutdown and an amusing little
sniffing event that comes with the DG Events' documentation.


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