Re: [ADMIN][INFO][LONG] Perform_Violence overhauled

From: George Greer (
Date: 10/17/01

On Wed, 17 Oct 2001, Phillip Tran wrote:

>Just wanted to get some comments on my project to overhaul the
>perform_violence routine. Any suggestion to improve my proposal would be
>greatly appreciated.

Sounds like you want DG Events.  Or at least I would.

>And yes, I love dungeons and dragons and yes, these are based on its
>rules. For the above example, the dragon may kill the fighter before he
>gets his second or third attack off, which is a bit more realistic than
>the current version where all the attacks of the fighter goes off before
>the dragon gets processed, or maybe, the dragon gets all its attack off
>first and the fighter is dead before he knows it.

On my own personal MUD (long since dead), I made PULSE_VIOLENCE get called
four times as often.  Each set of 4 was considered one "round." Simple,
easy, but I also didn't take into account initiative or weapon speeds.

>PS: What is up with authors who dont like MUDs promoting their products?
>(ie. AD&D third edition) Its not like we are taking revenue away from
>them, in fact, we are encouraging the mudders to go out and get the books
>from the exposure!

It does mean one thing: any popular game _won't_ use their system, which
means no benefit at all for them (and probably a drawback, more systems in
the world).  Those BattleTech MUXs are quite interesting and also really
want a rulebook reference.

George Greer

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