Re: [ADMIN][INFO][LONG] Perform_Violence overhauled

From: MrFONZY (
Date: 10/17/01

> Just wanted to get some comments on my project to overhaul the
> perform_violence routine. Any suggestion to improve my proposal would be
> greatly appreciated.
This is something I think alot of coders have been hacking on for years now,
and there are quite a few different ways to aproach this problem.
One of the absolutely BEST works in this area I spotted on a MUD called
Tdome}{, where they had basically done what you are talking about. altered
pulse/wait states. there is a 'combat speed' or 'CS' statistic that is class
specific, I.E. fat big warriors are slower than the small nimble Infiltrator.
CS 0 represents the 'fastest', 10 the slowest. this mud actually made 0 and 1
un-atainable by mortal players, so large bad-ass mobs were always a little
better. adding CS to all skills and spells is VITAL if you do this. a player
should no longer be able to perform any skill/ cast any spell once per melee,
EVERY melee. also, you can setup equipment to give - and + cs, even make up a
few new spells ! (like 'God Speed' or something)
anywho, I never figured out exactly how they got thiers to work, but I'm very
interested in trying it out so keep us up to date with what you can get


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