Re: [ADMIN][INFO][LONG] Perform_Violence overhauled

From: Da' Kool Cat (
Date: 10/18/01

>This is something I think alot of coders have been hacking on for years now,
>and there are quite a few different ways to aproach this problem.
>One of the absolutely BEST works in this area I spotted on a MUD called
>Tdome}{, where they had basically done what you are talking about. altered
>pulse/wait states. there is a 'combat speed' or 'CS' statistic that is class
>specific, I.E. fat big warriors are slower than the small nimble Infiltrator.

  It's been thrown around so long you'll even find a small thread about it
in the old archives.  The sender (I forget who it was exactly, or even if
it was their original idea) suggested something along the same lines I came
up with, where you go through fighting rounds as normal with a seperate
timer counting down each 1/4 pulse (or something) until it hits zero where
the char gets to hit and a new timer is made.
  It doesn't take much to make, and I even consider it something a new-ish
but understanding coder should try atleast once (same goes for guns and
clans). :)


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