Re: Are there any free game mechanics engines other than D&D 2nd ed? (WAS: OGL and the d20 system)

From: Emmett Plant (
Date: 10/22/01

>I see right now that this would be in a clear violation with any licenses
>not my own, which means both DIKU and CircleMUD. So screw d20 to hell and
>back in a hand basket with a pink bonnet on it.

Which was exactly my reaction when I read the details on the license.
It's sick. Not to reinvent the wheel or anything, but would anyone be
interested in getting together and coming up with a REAL free system
for damage and armor? I'm sure there are plenty of systems out there,
but I would be very much interested in helping develop a real system
that anyone could use for nothing.

I think there are a lot of systems out there that have been worked on
over the years and have added a lot of great 'house rules' and things
like that - It would be cool to incorporate something like that into
a real open standard for gaming.

Then again, all of this has happened before, and it will all happen
again. If anyone's interested in putting together a free
damage/battle/armor schema, drop me mail privately, it sounds like


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