Re: Dot-language maps

From: George Greer (
Date: 10/23/01

On Tue, 23 Oct 2001, Henrik Stuart wrote:

>   After a long day of classical algebra the wisest thing you can do
>   is sit down and do your homework... therefore I coded instead. :)
>   Anyway, joke aside... I've written this small thing that will
>   output your zones to the dot graph-language format (which is
>   compiled by the dot tool at, which is a truly
>   awesome tool). Now, some of you might argue that it doesn't look
>   much like a traditional map, and that it doesn't, but still it
>   gives a nice overview of the zone.

Cool! Must go play...

>   (And I know a few of the lines in the code are over 80 chars wide,
>   and if you're annoyed by that, don't say so already).

They're just whiners that don't know how to make their text terminals 132
characters wide. ;)

>        fprintf(fp, "node [fontsize=\"8\"];");
>        fprintf(fp, "edge [fontsize=\"8\"];");

fputs("...", fp);

You're not actually using a format (%s, %p, %d) there.  Minor quibble.

>        for (i = 0; i < top_of_world; i++) {
>                if ((world[i].number / 100) != vnum)
>                        continue;

if (world[i].zone != zone)

You already have the real zone from above and each room has what zone it's

>                        if (world[to].zone != vnum)
>                                outside = 0;

Now that's a strange comparison.  I'd have thought:

if (world[to].zone != zone)

>   Feel free to mail me with suggestions. And no, you cannot reorder
>   the graphics to be more map-like using the dot-tool. It uses a
>   quite cool technique for creating equally weighted graphs (or so it
>   claims), so it's not meant for actual maps, but it's nice for
>   graphs and a map is kind of a graph so I chose to use that instead
>   of writing the graphics program as well. :o)

Hm...wonder how badly it'll choke on the entire world being fed to it...

I'll know as soon as my compile finishes. :)

George Greer

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