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From: Henrik Stuart (
Date: 10/24/01


Tuesday, October 23, 2001, 5:19:29 PM, you wrote:

> Cool! Must go play...

  Nothing like a bit of relief from the everyday chores. :o)

> fputs("...", fp);

  I usually use ofstream fout(filename); fout << "string" << endl;
  So since I was already using fprintf everywhere else and since I
  suspect that the majority of people out there hasn't converted their
  circlemud to c++ I just continued with that, but you're right that
  fputs is faster in this circumstance.

> if (world[i].zone != zone)
>   continue;

> You already have the real zone from above and each room has what zone it's
> in.

> if (world[to].zone != zone)
>   continue;

  Yep, in normal circle, some joker changed the entire way zones work
  in the mud I'm currently trying to rescue (and in which I added
  code), forgot to change this back to fit standard circlemud, my bad
  - sorry for the confusion.

> Hm...wonder how badly it'll choke on the entire world being fed to it...

  Apart from the fact that if your world has enough rooms dot might
  want to output a graphics that is larger than it can handle, but
  apart from that it should be doable. :)

> I'll know as soon as my compile finishes. :)

  Once I'm done adding some further functionality - some options you
  can set in the variables and stuff I will probably remail and upload
  it to the ftp, but until then feel free to suggest improvements.
  I know a proper mapper that puts exits north on the upperside of the
  node would be a plus :)  unfortunately dot doesn't handle this very
  well.  If I get a break from my school projects I'll write a
  quick'n'dirty graphics library that can do this. :o)  Apart from
  that, other suggestions are welcome.

Yours truly,
 Henrik Stuart (

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