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Date: 10/24/01

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From: "George Greer" <greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG>
> Try the 'oasis.h' file instead of 'olc.h' in the instructions.
Ok, tried that...still saying that medit_class is undeclared. There is a
chunk in there that I cannot find anywhere that is most likely the
source of my problems.
SNIP><!--StartFragment-->Step 6.
  A. Open up medit.c
  B. At the top of the file with all the other extern stuff add,
     extern char *npc_class_types[];
  C. in medit_save_to_disk() after,
     if (GET_CHA(mob) != 11)
       fprintf(mob_file, "Cha: %d\n", GET_CHA(mob));
     if(GET_CLASS(mob) != CLASS_NPC_OTHER)
        fprintf(mob_file, "Class: %d\n", GET_CLASS(mob));

I cant find this anywhere, even after grep and manual searching. Please
can you direct me where this is or whatever has replaced it? Thanks:)

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