Re: Segfault in dg_db_scripts.c

From: AJ (
Date: 10/24/01

> Make clean; then recompile.
 Thank you Welcor! That did it! I am not sure why it did it but I won't
just trust that it did, I will try to figure out on my own why. Thank
you for your assistance, I am forever in your debt.
Also, I have recently gotten a new computer and I failed to move over my
bookmarks. Can someone tell me where the NPC class implementation
documentation was? I know I saw a really good write up on it somewhere
(complete with how to make a "mob generator") but I can't find it now.
That one and the search code I have lost :( (heheh note to self, don't
type "search" in the search archive engine..ack). Any help is


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