Re: [NEWBIE] bpl19 with OLC DG script and ??

From: Caniffe (
Date: 10/25/01


> Makes me wonder if the bar for a basic MUD has been raised beyond what we
> provide...

Personally, I feel there should be some OLC package in CircleMUD.  It
doesn't necessarily have to be Oasis, but it might solve the syndrome of
"I saw it on this other mud, why can't Circle have it instead of X".

I know NoteOLC was a concept going around a while back through George.
Has this concept died?

I dunno - might just be old school.  I just believe it'll save one
thousand nightmares to have Oasis bundled in with the package.  The
argument against it a while ago was that it was felt that people wanted a
choice, and didn't want to be burdened with a certain OLC system.

It's probably not so anymore.  We're given a preset fight system, and
we're given a preset level and spell system.  Those who don't like what
they get, can change it.

Is now not the time to perhaps have a preset OLC system, given that 3.0 is
likely to be wrapped up soonish?


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