[IDEA] Command list

From: Artovil (artovil@arcanerealms.org)
Date: 10/28/01


I had an idea when I sat here in my boredom.  It would be neat if when a
player types in a command doesn't exist in list, that is below LVL_IMMORT
they get a reply like: "That command does not exist. Perhaps you meant: bla
bla".  So, if they make a typo in bandage and type bandgae, it would write
out "Perhaps you meant: bandage".

Perhaps this is redundant and not very important, but, I still thought it
would be a nice touch.  I searched the archives for something like this,
and the developer site, but couldn't find anything that would help me with
the string matching.  Could also come in handy for the help files.


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