[Newbie] Objects duplicating on deaths

From: Brian Hutchins (brianh@osprey.net)
Date: 11/04/01

Hey folks,
I'm having a problem with objects not being deleted after a player dies.
After the death, the player will occasionally start the game with the same
objects that are in his corpse, thus duplicating items and gold. Some player
deaths seem to go through the process just fine, with all objects being left
in the corpse, but others have both objects in corpse and in inventory. I've
been through the objsave file and can't seem to find anything obvious, so I
am needing some suggestions on where to look next. Any help is greatly
appreciated. There is NO renting in the game.
Using Del's bundle18b that includes oasis olc, dg_scripts, aedit,
assemblies, iedit, and looks like partial xapobjects, and more.

Let me know if you need more info,

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