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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 11/09/01

> >> The amount of detail i would want is just hour:minute - people dont usually
> >> record the seconds for meetings :P
> >
> >Shouldn't your client do this sort of logging, not the server?  If your
> >client doesn't log the time, then you should probably ask the maintainer
> >to incorporate the feature.
> Oooh. Room bugs. Of the microphone variety. That I could see the server
> doing.  The 'bug' itself would probably be an item you hide somehow,
> whether on yourself or in an inconspicuous corpse..
        Actually, I _do_ have a piece of ..well.. crappy code which is
called 'record'.  I can't remember if it's room based, or level based - it
was used for immortal meetings so later any immortal could get a 'record
list' of the most recent meeting and see what went on.

        Frankly, for the hour:minute thing, *shrugs* usually that doesn't
affect anything, unless you're planning on trying to catch someone in some
complicated time-based scheme.  In that case, i've another piece of code
which (ugly though it may be) sets a flag on a person which records in a
file every piece of output and input they get.

        Ie, an exact transcript of their session, as they would see (and

        As for room bugs, I do have a 'tigger' spec_proc that grabs says,
tells, whispers, and any other non-public messages generated in that room.
The trick is setting who the output goes to (right now, I believe it's
hard coded to a specific idnum).

        There was also a cool hack that - if you put a certain gem in a
certain stand, in a specific room, the room would echo with random 'says'
and sentance fragments from players in the game.

        It was humourous to idle there and make a general guess as to who
was having mud-sex at what time.  (I tend to discourage mud-sex, making
fun of people I suspect are doing that over public channels.. but then
again, I'm a bastard.  Of course, I've probably saved a few keyboards!)

        I seem to remember everything except the room bug code taking not
more than 10 minutes a piece (the room bug one had some issues with
verifying that the person was logged on, and that input should be sent to
them).  Do you want methodology for those?  They were pretty simple, and
the code was 'custom' enough that it'd not make much sense as anything but
an object example.


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