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Date: 11/09/01

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> Also, I agree with George that you should pick up a good C book.  This is
> not a flame, just a simple truth.  I have taught C programming
> professionally, and I know whereof I speak.

Well just to remind the board, I am new to *nix operating systems, but fully
want to put my MUD on one for simplicity and over all
flexibility/'bulletproof'ness compared to winblows.

I have an intuitive understanding of the basic circle coding (i.e. I downloaded
it and just read through ALL the files over several months to see 'what does
what to who in the where now') I've also been reading through the circle list
archives starting with Jan of 99.. (in 2 months I have worked my way up to Feb
00) and surfing the snippets and ftp site to see what has been done, tried and

--AND-- (deep breath)
I am reading several books that came highly recommended by several people in
different fields of programming (including circle admins) and here (for the
newbie types like myself) is a list of names for you to check
out/buy/memorize/worship/and masturbate to.
Remember, once you alter ANY of your code it is no longer 'stock' and therefore
patches, snippets or even getting help in this list is going to require YOU
(the newbie) understanding WHAT it is that you have altered and HOW to make the
new stuff fit your alterations. gets pretty complicated real fast.

- the 'red hat linux bible' by Christopher Negus
(comes with 3 CDs of programs including Linux 7.1.. even tho it is free on the
net, it's nice to have a hard copy )

the absolute beginners guide to C by Greg Perry
( I'm 28 and have a 162 IQ, but C looked like nonsense to me .. until I read
this guy's book. It's a definite learn and reference book)

then get
the ANSI C programming language by brian kernigham
(this one expands and delves into much more deep abilities of C)

and then of course, memorize the user's manual to your editor/compiler.

I can't recomend strongly enough that you other newbies should invest the time
and effort to do exactly the same things.

"but I wanna do stuff NOW!"
cool.. theres plenty of simple alterations that you can do now, but go get a
full blown 'clue' before you try doing anything hardcore or your really asking
for a headache later. (plus the wicked Greer monster will smite you with his
torrential whit and missing commas or something :)

peace yall and thanx to all for the OUTSTANDING help and resources that are
being provided for free to odiots like me..


and remember: no matter HOW good she looks right now,
somewhere, somebody is tired of putting up with her!!

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