Re: [MYSQL] Crash in parse_object after reading triggers for mobs

From: Artovil (
Date: 11/10/01

At 11:45 2001-11-10 -0600, you wrote:
>There's not much to go on there, but I noticed you are giving us code from
>parse_mobile() even though the backtrace is complaining about
>parse_object().   Is it possible that you are actually giving us code from
>parse_object(), but you are trying to assign MOB triggers in that function
>by mistake?  Perhaps you copy/pasted some code and forgot to go back and
>clean it up.

Nope, as I stated in the email: the code I added (dg_read_trigger()) is in
parse_mobile(), but the crash occurs in parse_object() after the mobiles
have been successfully booted (in my mud it first loads mobs, then objs, I
don't know if that is stock, but I am sure I haven't changed it).

So, to answer your questions, I am not confusing functions.

If I call dg_read_trigger() from parse_mobile, the mud crashes when it
reads the objects.  Could this perhaps have something to do with the
CREATE()'s called in dg_read_trigger() that adds something to mobs, and it
needs to add this to objects too?  Or are my pointers contaminated?  I can
send more code and a full backtrace if you need me to do that.  I just
didn't want to bother the list with the whole thing.


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