Case Sensitive Strings

From: Ramsey Stone (
Date: 11/10/01

Greetings CircleMUD Coders,

    Ill try to make this my last question for a while,
but this answer seems unapparent to me. I added wintermute's
ASCII Pfiles clan snippet. Now when I assign a clan, it changes
all CAPTIOL letters to lowercase letters. I know it sounds like
no big deal, but trust me, it will bug the crap out of me to see
unproper grammar on the mud. Here is the code do the clan assigning

    struct char_data *victim = NULL;
    char arg1[MAX_INPUT_LENGTH];
    char arg2[MAX_INPUT_LENGTH];

    half_chop( argument, arg1, arg2 );

    if ( !*arg1 || !*arg2 )
        send_to_char( "Usage: assign <clan> <leader>\r\n", ch);

    if ( !(victim = get_char_room_vis( ch, arg2, NULL )) )
        send_to_char( "That person is not available.\r\n", ch );

    if ( GET_CLAN_RANK(victim) )
        send_to_char( "Can not designate someone already in a clan!\r\n",

    if ( strlen(arg1) < (MAX_CLAN_LENGTH + 1) )
      strcpy(GET_CLAN_NAME(victim), arg1);
      GET_CLAN_RANK(victim) = 5;

      sprintf( buf, "Assigning clan %s to %s.\r\n", GET_CLAN_NAME(victim),
GET_NAME(victim) );
      send_to_char( buf, ch );
        send_to_char( "That clan name exceeds the maximum length
allowed.\r\n", ch );


Sorry if the length of the lines is too long. I am certain it has
something to do with input, because when I send arg1 to the char,
its also in all lowercase. Is there something here I am unaware

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