[code] [ftp] OLC2.0.1 and mobprog jambalaya

From: Russell Ryan (rjwr10@hotmail.com)
Date: 11/11/01

Hey guys,
     I was poking around the ftp looking for a patch of oasisolc mobprogs
but I couldn't find one. I saw this:
but that has oasisolc 2.1 (2.1 is what the readme said, makes me wonder)
patched as part of it and I saw various mobprog patches in /code/scripting,
but they didnt have the olc interface. What i'm looking for is olc mobprogs
without olc, just the olc interface. I want this so I can do this:
bpl19 + dgscripts .99 7a and olc2.0.1 patch in /scripting + oasis mobprogs.

Does it exist?

I just have this strange feeling of wanting to patch this stuff all together
myself instead of taking prepatched packages, handpatching gives me a much
better understanding of the code


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