Re: [newbie] ASCII pfiles problem

From: Cathy Gore (
Date: 11/14/01

> We had installed the 2.0 version of Sammy's? ASCII pfiles patch and had
> problems with saving the last login and host to the files.  Searching on
Jason and I took care of this last night and figured it out.  For those wondering, he was running a bpl17, and did not have the lovely enter_player_game function.  In nanny, case 1, just before sending the welcome message to the character these lines were added:

  if (d->character->player_specials->host) {
    d->character->player_specials->host = NULL;
  d->character->player_specials->host = str_dup(d->host);
  save_char(d->character, NOWHERE);

nowhere in his code was it copying the host from the descriptor to the character.

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