[AD] AD&D mud looking for co-coder(s)

From: sarcasm (stochastic42@home.com)
Date: 11/17/01

      I'm looking for a co-coder who is willing to dedicate as much time to
this project as I am. I just finished  coding in a unique spellbook/spell
memorization system, and am moving on to introduction code. After that, the
rest will essentially be easy.   Make no mistake; the system is
raw right now at best.  Thats why I'm looking for like-minded individuals to
help keep it alive and growing, because I don't think I can do it on my own.
Applicants need to be moderately able (though preferably adept :) with C and
the circlemud codebase, and have serious time available, as well as the will to
use it productively.

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