Re: [SYSTEM-NT2K/CYGWIN][NEWBIE] circle30bpl19-OasisOLCv2.0.1

From: Jason Pay (
Date: 11/18/01

> On Sat, 17 Nov 2001, Henrik Stuart wrote:
> >    Now would be a good idea to figure out what file this one is in
> >    (probably oedit.c) and make sure you have added it to the Makefile
> >    as is needed.
> No, no, no.
> Makefile is an autogenerated file, which is created and recreated from the
> template by the configure script.  If you're doing development
> on BCC/MSVC++ or some other Windows-exclusive compiler (excluding the
> Cygwin emulation environment), you should make changes both to your main
> Makefile and to  That way, if you ever need to switch
> platforms, you're setup to simply run './configure', recompile, and go.
> Any platforms that use configure--including Cygwin--should make changes
> exclusively to and then run ./config.status to have Makefile
> updated.  It is erroneous to change Makefile on these platforms as editing
> an autogenerated file is simply begging for trouble.
OK, Im editing the, Ive added the following files to the
CXREF_FILES section,
genmob.c genobj.c genolc.c genshp.c genwld.c genzon.c oasis.c oedit.c
redit.c sedit.c tedit.c zedit.c
now my guess is that i have to add references to these files in the relevent
sections  --- act.comm.o: for example,

My question is how can I work out what section to put what references in ?,
as I said im not really a coder just a cut and paster
altho I can follow the coding to a certain extent ( I write scripts for aix
systems, usally in korn)

any help appreciated


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