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From: Micken ! (
Date: 11/19/01

Hey everyone i'm new to the list, and i'm a pretty experienced coder, i've
gone from using mainly patches to developping code from scratch, i've even
coded my own clan system. Anyways i have a problem with ascii pfiles in
circleMUD patch level 19.

I downloaded the patch from and installed it. But
the problem is that every time you log on you need to make a new character.
I've traced the problem to the build_player_index function, what it does is
read a name from the player index and open that file. but somehow
reading/writing this index file has gone wrong.

1) first time you log on, you make a new character
2) second time you log on, your character is there
3) third time you log on instead of reading your character it erases it from
the index...

Can anyone who's gotten ascii pfiles to work please gimme a hand with this?
my mud's at 3932



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