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From: Micken ! (
Date: 11/19/01

>>I was say 1000 levels so yall would understand.. I'm only haveing 100 but
>>if you must know in Dragonball Z there is something called power level...
>>and it goes towards the trillions.... I used 1000 levels so that yall
>>could somewhat understand it.... but if you must know.... and yes I have
>>an excellant knowledge of basic C but I have had no use for anything above
>>an int/long. lol.. and the Events I didn't like the way it was done.. I
>>needed some quick and cheap cause I wouldn't want to write an event for
>>each skill or do a rewrite of the intire skill system to do like
>>cast...... but .... if you think that I am that _dumb_ i guess I am =/

Okay i think i have an answer to your problem, if you want a number that is
greater than an int/long would go, you might make an array of 1 digit
integers, and then add functions or whatever to display this number and
manipulate it. I'm not quite so sure how you could use this to manipulate
any other data though, but it's just an idea.

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