[CODE] Getting input from the player

From: Cyberlord (cyberlord@cyber-wizard.com)
Date: 11/23/01

I'm trying to hack a quick social and spell editor and I'm not up to speed
on how circle gets input from the user. Yes, I have read the archives and
that's how I found the line_input function.

I tried line_input  and got it to work with the examples (after #defining
CON_LINE_INPUT) but line_input then calls another function and without
making a global variable for the input string I can't get the string into
the editor function.

This line_input is really close to what I want... but...

What is the reason that other function is called?

I'd like to get line_input() to just return the string from the player so I
can use it.

I guess I could make a global variable and change that everytime I do a
line_input, but that really limits what I want to do with it.

I'd like to call a function and have that function return the string the
player typed on the screen.

Many thanks,


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