Re: [CODE] Getting input from the player

From: DOOMer 2k (
Date: 11/24/01

>Ahh.. I see why the callback function is used now. Duh!
>Well.. I guess I better think on it some more. I'll have to dig thru the
>Oasis OLC code and see how its done there.
>Having to call line_input and have it call a different function every time
>need input from a user will be extreme for the menu system I will >have. :(
>Oasis code... here I come!

Well, I haven't written to the list in awhile, but I'm going to respond
to this.  I'm glad the line_input helped you out a little in what you
were trying to do.  I haven't modified it since v3(or was it 2?) b/c
my mud has been out of commission for awhile.  I'm glad to see someone
could use this (or at least get a start to understanding the Oasis code)

I didn't realize when I wrote it how close it was to the Oasis code,
but it's good for a start for anyone just wanting single line (YES/NO)
answer, or even writing a short menu.  A full menu system should use the
Oasis system (much better IMHO).  I'm also happy to know that the
README file was helpful in explaining the full usage of it.  I could
barely understand it when I typed it out (don't ask me how I did it,
lack of sleep I guess).  Anyway, if anyone can think of anything that
might help the line_input system, please let me know.

DOOMer 2k out.
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