Re: send_to_char()

From: Mysidia (
Date: 11/25/01

> PS: A little over one month until send_to_char() gets variable arguments
> and its parameters flipped. Have you changed yours yet?

Ack.. that sounds like a horrible idea.. imagine the
compatibility nightmares between snippets, patches, and post-XXX versions
that changing semantics of such a commonly-used function would cause
and the pain that's bound to cause people who want to contribute and
use contributions

IMO, send_to_char should be renamed to something like  char_send_f if
the calling conventions or parameter list order are being changed --
that way incompatibility results in compilation errors rather than
random crashes...

such a change would really call for a change in major revision number
as the change renders code made prior to it incompatible with versions
after such a change

And the snippets on the ftp site would need to be divided into
"Snippets that require circle x+1.y.z+" and "Snippets that require "x.y.z.."


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