From: David Cole (
Date: 11/28/01

Working on making it where races that can't see in the light, can't see in
the light, with exceptions:

1.) Indoors means no day light, so, no blinding light.
2.) Underground, & Underwater means no light, so, no blinding light.

This is basicly for the drow & druegar race on our MUD, I was curious if
anyone else has done this, and if they have, can you possibly give some
advice? I was thinking about just creating a macro in utils.h that defines
the RACE_DROW & RACE_DUERGAR not able to see in the light, with the above
exceptions then add it to the CAN_SEE & CAN_SEE_IN_DARK macro's. After that
just adding the CAN_SEE or CAN_SEE_IN_DARK macro's to look_in_direction
do_look etc etc...

Or would it just be better to goto every place where CAN_SEE and
CAN_SEE_IN_DARK is used and add:

&& (GET_RACE(ch) != RACE_DROW || RACE_DRUEGAR) etc...

Any advice would be helpful, looking for the easyest path to do this.


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