Re: New Spell System (Memorization Code) Rumore or Real?

From: David Cole (
Date: 11/28/01

I'm very interested if its not that big of a hassle. :)

The type of mem code i'm looking for is Sojourn II MUD, ExileMUD, DurisMUD
type. For those of you who have no idea what that is, here we go:

You have 10 circles, each circle is 6 levels apart from the other, each
circle you get a certain number of spells, the first level of that cirlce
you only get one of that cirlce and more of the others, as you advance in
levels you get more mem slots to fill with other spells etc... inorder to
use these spells you must scribe the spells into a book witha quill, pencil,
etc, after doing so you can mem the spell:

You are memorizing the following spells:
[1] Minute Metor          (8th Circle)
[2] Somespell               (8th Circle)
[3] Fireball                    (4th Circle)
[3] Fireball                    (4th Circle)
[2] Cure serious            (2th Circle)
[2] Cure Light               (1th Circle)

Now when you use the spell you need to remem it, this basicly works the same
for cleric except you have to prey for your spells, but basic output looks
the same.

You can also forget a spell to mem another (as long as its in your book) or
forget all of them.

I think that basicly exsplains it :)


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