New Spell System (Memorization Code) Rumore or Real?

From: David Cole (
Date: 11/27/01

Once again its me, do I post to much? :p

I've been reading through the archives, mostly looking at spells, skills
information and what not. I've come across the mem code allot in the
archives, this is something that I plan on adding to Wonderlust, but my
coding skills are rather poor as I am just now learning, but for what I can
code I think I am pretty good for my level and never in my life picking up a
C book. I understand the basics of CircleMUD and what I don't understand I
learn by trial an error, its the best way to go no? That C book I paid
$40.00 for will eventually get the dust cleaned from it and picked up

My question is with all the posts about this spell system, has anyone
actually created a patch or a step through guide on installing this system?
Lost of posts state that they will post it when they are done with it, but I
can not seem to find these rumored posts or links anywhere. Please don't
flame me because of this question, I see enough of that in the archives,
poor newbie coders try to get a break and get flamed to the point they give
up cause no one will help, and so far you guys have been really good to me,
and I thank you whole heartedly.

So basically does anyone have a link to this well talked about but never
posted memorization code? Or if your willing to talk to me about this you
can email me privately if you like.

P.S. I looked through the GreyHawk code, pondering how they did they mem
code, but it looked rather unfinished, and porting it over to our mud was a
complete failure, weather it was due to Wonderlust running on a WIN32
platform or not I have no idea.

Thank you,
David Cole

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