[CODE] [NEWBIE] Prompts within a function

From: Cheron (cheron@arcanerealms.org)
Date: 11/29/01

I never did quite get a good grasp on handling state changes and prompting
for something from within a function with Circle.  I've been looking at how
it's done in nanny and with OLC, but I still just don't get it enough to use
the concept within a special procedure.
I'm working on a romance module by Yoru-Hikage and decided to change the
marriage function to a special so that it's handled by a mob rather than
an immortal.  I want to be able to have the two players involved be forced
to say 'I do' in the middle of the ceremony, and if they say anything else,
it'll kick out.  Is this something I should be incorporating with DG scripts,
looking for a So-and-so says, 'I do' trigger, or how would I do this?

Any help would be tremendously appreciated!!

Co-Impl, Arcane Realms

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