Re: [CODE] [NEWBIE] do_switch with more then one person

From: Sam Moggach (
Date: 12/01/01

>Hello Again,
>     I was wondering if it is possible for more then one
>person to switch into a mob.  I have been beating my
>head up against the wall thinking and I seem not to be
>able to come up with a SAFE way to do it.  You may
>ask why? Well... long story for me to explain but there
>will be command in the mud for when two players deciede
>that they want to fuse then they will have alot of things going
>to do it, and when it succeds a mob will be created, they
>would be switched into that mob, then there bodies into a
>special holding zone.  When 30 minutes pass, then there bodies
>are reswitched back to the room they are at. Only thing I
>can't figure out is how to switch two people.  I know how to
>do one...
>Any assistance will be appricated and yes I have tried alot
>of things attempting to switch two (most crashed the mud or
>only one char could do the commands)

An idea: There might be a way to get around doing all the re-constructing of
I/O, Cause one descriptor can only be attached to one character, you might
try sending both their descriptors into a seperate state and having their
commands from that state control a single mob.

Think of it as, you know, when you go into redit or medit or something like
you are sending your descriptor form your character to the editor, so you
might try sending their descriptor to just a simple prompt and the commands
control a single mob.

- Micken

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