Parsing color tokens?

From: David Cole (
Date: 12/02/01

For some odd reason our prompt code will not parse color tokens, like if a
mob has a short desciption of:
&zThe dude&n it will keep the color tokens instead of parsing the color into
the name and making the name grey. I'm using the basic battle prompt code
i've got help with before: heres the nemeny name bit: Any help would be
greatly apreciated :)

    if (PRF_FLAGGED(d->character, PRF_ENEMY) && FIGHTING(d->character)) {
 if (CAN_SEE(d->character, FIGHTING(d->character))) {
    sprintf(prompt + strlen(prompt), " E: %s ",
 } else
 sprintf(prompt + strlen(prompt), " E: Someone ");

Also if i wnt to restric color token where mortals can't use them in says,
how would i go about doing this? :)

Tiznor (Dave Cole)

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