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From: David Cole (tiznor@hotmail.com)
Date: 12/02/01

I think I've got a bug that no one can fix, cause well, everyone that has
tackled it has failed and given up. What the bug is, is the battle prompt
for our MUD. Its the basic Sojourn type battle prompt that shuts the tank
name and condition off when the mob gets to mortally wounded. It works
beautify for mortal characters, but the minute an immortal character tries
to battle a mob or mortal, and when the condition for the attacked gets to
awful the mud goes boom! No output, no errors not nothing on a *nix platform
or a WIN32 platform. Minus the debug on a  WIN32 platform using MSVC++ 6.0,
it points to the tank name part saying that it is the problem, but without
giving any proof, cause everything is being called too correctly no Error:
evaluation could not be calculated or whatever. Everything prints, I'm
stumped, and everyone who has touched it is as well. I can't post the entire
code to the list cause its too big, so I will just post the part that the
WIN32 debug points to and pray someone understand what this error is, and
maybe point me in the right direction. If you want to see the whole
make_prompt function, by all means ask and I'll email it to you privately.

Here's it is:

 if (FIGHTING(d->character) && GET_POS(FIGHTING(d->character)) ==
 sprintf(prompt + strlen(prompt), "&n"); //Err brain brocken.... will fix
later. --Tiznor
 } else {
    if (PRF_FLAGGED(d->character, PRF_TANKNAME) && FIGHTING(d->character)) {
 if (CAN_SEE(d->character, FIGHTING(d->character))) {
    sprintf(prompt + strlen(prompt), " T: %s ",
/* Above is crashing the mud? Thats what MSCV++ 6.0 says anyways, I don't
see how..... -- Tiznor */
 } else
 sprintf(prompt + strlen(prompt), " T: Someone ");

Many thanks to anyone who can figure this out, like I said, I'm stumped.

David Cole

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