autoquests and mprog_activity

From: Jesper Rvjestel (
Date: 12/03/01

hellu, i'm having problems with SIGSEGV's and autoquests (from the ftp)...
i'm running a heavily modified 3.0bpl12 with most bugfixes and all nice
stuff from bpl19
and here is the problem: the mud crashes if i enter the questeditor
(qedit) and drop link and reconnect.
if i link in efence to circle i get the problem pinpointed to the
ch->next; line of mprog_activity (mobprogs) in mobact.c.
i get this with and without the delayed extractions
(wasn't the delayed extractions supposed to fix this?)...
if anyone have a solution or have had the same problem, i would be glad
to hear it...

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