DGOLC and gdb question

From: Zizazat Lazuras (zizazat@hotmail.com)
Date: 12/03/01

I am playing around with the 30bpl19_dgolc code (after a few modifications)
and I seem to be running into a strange problem. I am segfaulting in about 5
minutes in greet_mtrigger in dg_triggers.c line 302. When I look at
greet_mtrigger (stock) I don't really see anything too strange, but what
_IS_ weird is that I haven't assigned any triggers to any mobs, and when I
use my limited gdb skills I get this:

#0  greet_mtrigger (actor=0x82c09d0, dir=0) at dg_triggers.c:302
!AWAKE(ch) || FIGHTING(ch) || (ch == actor) || AFF_FLAGGED(ch, AFF_CHARM))

(gdb) print *actor
$1 = {pfilepos = -1, nr = 425, in_room = 1375, was_in_room = -1, wait = 0,
  player = {passwd = "\000\000\000\000\000\000\000\000\000\000",
    name = 0x81fc170 "spider drone",
    short_descr = 0x81fc188 "the drone spider",
    long_descr = 0x81fc1a0 "A drone spider walks around doing its master's
bidding.\r\n", description = 0x81fc1e0 "An ordinary drone spider.\r\n",

(gdb) print *ch
Cannot access memory at address 0x408

But there is _NO_ drone spider in my mob files. I know this is from a stock
zone that I am not loading in my index. So where is it coming from?

Also, does anyone have any more helpful gdb skills that I might try to
further isolate this problem?

Thanks for the input!


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