Re: virtual/real variable types

From: Mysidia (
Date: 12/04/01

> That'll still work, as long as you don't use 0.  Because -1 == 65535 (or
> 2^31) anyway, with appropriate bit sizes.  It's recommended to use the
> proper variable types though.

yeah.. appropriate bit sizes..
if you did:

int foo = real_room(1234);

if (foo > -1)

would always fail because  (unsigned int)-1 == INT_MAX
well, generally

there's code that treats vnums/rnums in a very bad manner even
in circle unless that's been fixed..

might be worthwhile to change a room_rnum into a typedef to catch
that sort of stuff and hide the need to mess with the structure of
a rnum inside a few select places .. ie, get rid of nasty array

typedef struct{u_short _val;} room_rnum;

#define ROOM_INFO(x) (&world[x._val])
#define GET_ROOM_CONTENTS(x) (world[x._val].contents)

int x = real_room(1234);

becomes illegal (incompatible types in assignment)


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