Using functions from src in util

From: Cathy Gore (cheron@ARCANEREALMS.ORG)
Date: 12/04/01

I've searched the archives and can't seem to find anything about this.
I'm working on getting autowiz to work with ascii pfiles and found the
archive entries about what to change to make it work.  However, this
doesn't allow for the use of the PLR_NOWIZLIST flag, or any of the other
flags that used to be checked under binary pfiles' autowiz.  So I'm trying
to use load_char, (and with it, clear_char and free_char) to get a char for
use with the PLR_ flags.
When I go to compile it, it's telling me "undefined reference to
load_char".  similar for clear_char and free_char.  Is there a way to get
it to recognize the functions from the main src in the util dir?  Or am I
stuck and have to rewrite the autowiz to include it as part of the circle

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