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From: Mike Breuer (
Date: 12/07/01

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From: "Nikolas" <nikolas999@BOL.COM.BR>
> First... How can i define more mobs for the work
> of guildmaster?
After you create your mob, assign it to SPECIAL(guild)  in spec_assign.c

> Second... How can i define limits
> of knowlodge to this mobs(the gm mobs)?
> Its possible?
Yes, it's possible.  You need to modify SPECIAL(guild) in spec_procs.c

> Thrid... What is OLC? How can i use it on my mud
> and with what the OLC can help me?
OLC stands for Online Creation.  It lets you create new mobs, objects,
rooms, etc. from within the game environment.


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