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Date: 12/08/01

From: John <witpens@OPTUSHOME.COM.AU>

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> > In all honesty, you confused me more...
> Sigh, teach a man how to fish...a bugger it.

Build a man a fire, and you keep him warm the rest of the night.
LIGHT a man on fire, and you keep him warm the rest of his life.


(Apologies for the off-topicness, but I just couldn't resist.)

[For those that INSIST that all posts be on topic:]  Has anyone ever tried
modifying Circle so that each zone can have it's own weather (I didn't see
any mention of anything like this on (developer|ftp)  If so,
can you relate any pitfalls to watch out for? (Not looking for code, I just
wish to learn from others mistakes.)


Larry Robinson

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